Mendix Expert Validations

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This application showcases the Expert validation pattern as outlined in the recent Mendix blogs. It also offers a field-by-field UX validation pattern that is built on top of the Expert pattern. 


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The application showcases the Expert Validation pattern as outlined in It also offers a field-by-field nanoflow validation pattern, as outlined in 

Typical usage scenario

When a company wants to define enterprise-wide validation standards, this module can help to start building such a standard. 

Features and limitations

Please download and open the project, and inspect the Microflows in the 4th folder:

These microflows showcase the Expert Pattern as described in the first Blog named above.  When running the project, these microflows are triggered when pressing “Save 4”

In the two subsequent folders, the Expert pattern is translated to nanoflows instead of microflows, and a tabbable field-by-field validation pattern is used in the 6th folder. The second blog explains how this extended pattern works. 


  • Mendix Studio Pro v9.12.0


Just download and run the project.



Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.12.0
Release Notes: v1 - expert pattern + field-by-field validation pattern