Language Switcher (en/zh)

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This module is an out-of-the-box ‘language switcher’ button widget which you can easily include in your application and switch language between en_US and zh_CN. 

Just add the LanguageSwitcher snippet somewhere in your application (for example in global layout, so the user will always see it).



This module is an out-of-box ‘language switcher’  widget which  you can easily include in your application. It only supports dynamic language-switch between en_US and zh_CN. You need to configure these languages in Mendix Studio Pro at first.


  • Mendix Studio Pro 9.9.1+
  • Community Commons

Getting started 


  1. Add new language(Chinese) in  the menu option Language > Language Settings
  2. Translate from English to Chinese
  3. Import languageswitcher module
  4. Call Snip_LanguageSwitcher_Buttons in your layout or somewhere you want to show the language switcher.



  • Changing the language by clicking language button will automatically refresh the UI by calling javascript action ReloadPage 


  • The text color of ‘Snip_LanguageSwitcher_Buttons’ is white and the text color of ‘Snip_LanguageSwitcher_Buttons_Dark’ is default as black.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.9.1
Release Notes: Initial release