Mollie Payment Provider

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This module is a standardized implementation to easily integrate Mollie as a payment provider in your Mendix app with just a few simple steps. What is mollie? Mollie is an online payment integration service that support a big amount of vendors (iDEAL, Apple Pay, Klarna, SEPA, Credit card etc.) It is one of the most user friendly and developer friendly integrations out there. You can read all about it here:



What is mollie? Read about it here:

How it works:

We create a Customer via an API call in Mollie, we can then create payments for this user.

Once the userflow has started and starts a payment he/she will be redirected to Mollie where he/she does the actual payment. Once completed Mollie will call the webhook url which will result in a REST call back to mendix where we can check the Mollie payment status and update the database. Once mendix returns a response back to Mollie it will redirect the user back to a mendix page (the MOLLIE_REDIRECTURL page set by the user) where we can apply logic based on the payment status.


  • Community Commons Function Library


  • Download the community commons module from the appstore if you havn't already
  • Set the admin and user security in the project settings
  • Get an API-key from Mollie ( if you don’t have one yet. Enable the desired payment methods in the website profile in the Mollie dashboard, should be under settings -> websiteprofiles (for testing with the TEST api key you just need to enable them, no need to complete the full signup).
  • Create an admin page and add the Payments_Overview snippet to this page.
  • Create a user “Thank You” page (this is the page the user will be redirected to after doing a payment in Mollie). Add a dataview with the payment entity as page parameter and make sure to set a page url for this page (for example: /mollie/payment/status/{Id}). You can also use the example page.
  • Set all the Constants in the USE_ME folder


Use the example microflows or create your own logic to start a payment for a user.

The MOLLIE_KEY constant expects the full API-KEY The MOLLIE_REDIRECTURL expects the page url from the user “Thank You” page including the /p/ and without the object ID (So for example /p/mollie/payment/status/)

If you want to add custom logic after recieving a payment like sending a confirmation email you should add this to the webhook microflow (ACT_Mollie_Webhook)

The Mollie API documentation can be found here:

Important notes

Mollie requires a redirectURL that works, this means that if you run this integration locally it will not work because localhost is not a valid url. It needs to be ran in the cloud where Mollie can reach the URL.


Version: 2.0.1
Framework Version: 9.6.13
Release Notes: Updated to modeler version 9.6.13 and bugfix for the create payment api call for rounding the amount.
Version: 2.0.0
Framework Version: 9.6.10
Release Notes: Updated for Mx9 and Atlas 3
Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 8.18.13
Release Notes: First release