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FontAwesome module to use in FontAwesome icons in Mendix projects



Font Awesome module for use in Mendix projects


Add the module to your project through the Mendix Marketplace.

Using FontAwesome classes

You can now use FontAwesome classes to add icons to containers.


Add classes fas and fa-plus to an empty Mendix container. You should see the plus icon appear when you run the project.

Overriding glyphicons

If you prefer, you can overwrite glyphicons with FontAwesome icons. This requires a configuration each time you want to overwrite a specific icon.

Import the functions by adding the following scss to your stylesheets

@import "../../fontawesome/web/fontawesome.scss";

Overwrite glyphicons by calling the fa-replace-glyphicon mixin

.glyphicon {
    @include fa-replace-glyphicon("plus", $fa-var-plus);
    @include fa-replace-glyphicon("pencil", $fa-var-pencil);

Including FontAwesome icons in styling

You can also add FontAwesome icons outside of glyphicon scope. You can call the fa-include-icon mixin like so:

@include fa-include($fa-var);

This will add all necessary styling to add an icon for that class

Mixin parameters

You can call the mixins with the following parameters:

  • Glyphicon name: The glyphicon name, this should be the classname of the glyphicon that Mendix adds to an element
  • FontAwesome variable: The FontAwesome variable name. This should be available in your editor context, so autofill is possible
  • Weight: Optional font-weight (400 or 900)
  • Size: Optional font-size parameter

Further reading

Refer to the FontAwesome documentation to discover icons


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.6.2
Release Notes: First release of FontAwesome module