World Clock

Content Type: Widget
Categories: User Interface


A digital Clock displays your local time and can be provided with a list of time zones to switch between it upon a click.


A Digital world Clock renders time instantly in different time zones upon selecting from a dropdown.

Typical usage scenario

displaying different time zones in a finger click rather than using google to search for a specific time zone as it help your users to shorten the time needed to check a different employee time zone, best use for projects that have relations in different countries 

Features and limitations


  • renders Local time by default.
  • can add time zones by Mendix Developer.
  • instant time zone change.


  • time zones are specified by Mendix Developer who would set up the widget. this will be updated next the next version for the app user.


  • @material-ui/core: "^4.12.3"


  1. 1- Create a new empty project using Mendix Studio pro 9.7V.
  2. 2- Open Project File Directory, navigate to Widgets path and add World Clock Widget mpk file.
  3. 3- Open your project in Mendix Studio pro, press F4 or on Project >> Synchronize Project Directory.
  4. 4- create a new empty page or use your basic Home_Web page, Navigate to your toolbox >> Widgets and search for clock, drag and drop the widget into your desired place in your app.


  • open your new Clock widget and type any wanted time zones separated by a comma "," and make sure to not add any empty spaces! ex: US/Pacific,Asia/Dubai,Europe/London 6- run your app and voilà happy Global Widget. check screenshot.


  • drop down value does not show a default value and will be fixed in next version.



Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.7.0
Release Notes: First release, make sure to add your time zones as follows to fulfill the usage of the widget: US/Pacific,Europe/Amsterdam,Asia/Dubai,Europe/London each value is must to be separated by a comma with no spaces.