AFAS Profit ERP connector

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Connect your Mendix application with the REST webservices of the AFAS Software's ERP system named Profit.



This connector module allows you to interact with the webservices of the ERP-system from AFAS Software, called Profit.

Typical usage scenario

  • Retrieve data from the AFAS database through its webservices
  • Update data in the AFAS database through its webservices

Features and limitations


  • GetConnector: Retrieve data from AFAS
  • UpdateConnector: Update data in AFAS



  • CommunityCommons


  1. Install the CommunityCommons plugin to your application
  2. Install the module into your Mendix application (9.6.2 and up)
    Either through the marketplace in Studio Pro or by downloading it from the marketplace and manually uploading it to your project


  1. Add the page AfasConnector.AfasConnector_Web to your navigation
    Add the snippet AfasConnector.SNIP_AfasConnector to an existing page
  2. Add the security role AfasConnector.Administrator to an existing administrator tole
  3. Run the application and navigate to the administrator page you just created
  4. Click “Create new environment” or edit one of the three default environments
  5. Give the environment a friendly name in the “Name” field
  6. Select the type of AFAS environment (production, accept, test)
  7. Enter the AFAS Online member number, consisting of five digits
  8. Enter the authorization token in XML format
  9. Click Save
  10. The environment will automatically be tested and validated, after which the available GetConnectors and UpdateConnectors will be retrieved and shown as well
  11. You can now use the microflows in the Implementation/1. Connectors folder to get/update data in AFAS


  • Unkown


  • Support for ReportConnector
  • Support for VersionConnector
  • Support for FileConnector
  • Support for ImageConnector
  • Support for SubjectConnector


Version: 2.0.1
Framework Version: 9.6.2
Release Notes: - Resolved: Parameter {3} was missing in DELETE UpdateConnector - Resolved: UpdateConnector name must be mentioned twice in DELETE UpdateConnector - Resolved: Parameter must be urlEncoded in DELETE UpdateConnector
Version: 2.0.0
Framework Version: 9.6.2
Release Notes: - Styling and translation of the app
Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.6.2
Release Notes: - Initial version of the AfasConnector connector module - Supports GetConnector and UpdateConnector