Test Creator

Content Type: Module
Categories: Tracing


In this package you will find all the pages and microflows that you need to create your own test with the idea to practice in Mendix (or even other) knowledge.



This package offers the possibility to create your own Tests. 

You can create the topics and learning paths that you want. This is based on Mendix academy. 

You can change and use everything you want and everything that you need for the package is already inside the package, so you don’t need any other external package or widget.

Is for 9.6.0 version and upper.

Typical usage scenario

It is typical to use this module when you want to add a test section into a project. Or if you want to practice doing tests about something.

Features and limitations


You can add new questions with their explanations (text and image if you want).

You can change the number of questions and the minimun right answers to pass the test.

You can change the correct answer if you want.

Don’t needed to add 4 answers. You can add from 1 to 4.


You always need to associate the questions to learning paths to have it inside the topics.


  • The module has no dependencies.


You don’t need to instal anything, everything you need (layouts, constants...) is inside the package.


You can change the number of questions that you have in a test into the constant @TestCreator.NumberOfQuestions

In the page submited test, you can change the percentage that you need to pass the test. By default is a 75%:


At this point and version (November 2021) there’s no bugs.



Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.6.0
Release Notes: First version with the basic functionalities