Image Markup

Content Type: Widget
Categories: User Interface


A widget for marking up images to indicate issues.


## Typical usage scenario
It can be used to indicate problems or identify locations on a standardised image.

## Features and limitations
### Features:
    • Add points to an image
    • Have grids to group issues
    • Allow for color coding of problem areas in the grid
    • Use a static or dynamic image
    • Specify the Mendix object the result should be saved as
### Limitations:
    • Currently there is no OnClick action when specifying a point
    • A deafult Save button is provided, which commits the image as the entity specified in the configuration.
### Dependencies
    • None
## Installation
Download from the marketplace and place on a page within Studio Pro.

 ## Configuration
To use a Dynamic image, place the widget within a data view containing the image.
Set the following:
### Properties:
    • Image for markup - Set a dynamic or static image source to mark up
    • Columns, Rows and Show Grid Lines - Set whether you want to display the Grid on top of the image
    • Color markup - Show color coded grids to indicate marks
    • Low Limit and Upper Limit - Set the limits for the color coding markup
    • Object type - The Mendix object that the markup will be committed to on 'Save'
    • Height - Set Mendix canvas height
    • Context - Provide a parent entity to link the image created to. Please note that the association between the parent and child must contain the name of the parent entity


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.7.0
Release Notes: The option has been added to provide a parent object for context.