Plan For Every Part

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Plan for Every Part is a use case where a Mendix app takes the complex and large Bill of Material from Teamcenter and collaborate with teams and systems to govern of the status, attributes and the critical due dates on the development timeline of the product and its sub-systems.


Plan For Every Part

Plan For Every Part  is a use case where a Mendix app takes the complex and large Bill of Material from Teamcenter and collaborate with teams and systems to govern of the status, attributes and the critical due dates on the development timeline of the product and its sub-systems.



Upon downloading and opening the application in Studio Pro, users are presented with two configuration options: "Mocked" and "Teamcenter". These configurations can be accessed through the app settings under the "Configuration" tab in Mendix Studio Pro.


- Option 1: Mocked Configuration (Default):

The mocked configuration serves as the default setting. With this option, the Teamcenter connection remains inactive, and data is simulated for testing purposes. Information can be reset by the administrator by clicking Configurations -> Reset demo data . This will read the JSON files located in the resources/mockdata folder and create corresponding data within the application. It will also create a number of example request in different stages. Please make sure that at least one program manager and supply risk manager have been created beforehand.


- Option 2: Teamcenter Configuration:

You can select the Teamcenter configuration by selecting the “Make Active” button in Studio Pro. This will allow the application to utilize the Teamcenter connector and enable real-time data retrieval from Teamcenter.During Runtime logged in as Administrator on the Settings Page the Teamcenter instance configuration needs to be set. To fill out information on your Teamcenter instance:

  • Fill in a Configuration Name like: TeamcenterConfiguration and add the following constants 
  • The App expects a URL in the format of: http://[your_teamcenter_url]/tc or https://[your_teamcenter_url]/tc 
  • FMS URL in the format http://[your_teamcenter_url]/tc/fms or https://[your_teamcenter_url]/tc/fms
  • Fill out the information on your Teamcenter user and password 
  • When using https, provide the App with your Teamcenter HTTPS certificate more info see here:


Steps to run the application

  1. Choose the desired configuration and run the application.
  2. Log in to the application using the default credentials (User: MxAdmin, Password: 1).
  3. Access the employees section:
  4. Create at least a new employee for the Administrator user role manually, ensuring that the email address includes the prefix demo_ (e.g., This enables easy utilization of the demo switcher function for efficient user role switching
  5. Repeat 4. for the SupplyRiskManager user role
  6. (Repeat 4. for the Administrator user role)
  7. Navigate to the program overview page and reset demodata" button.
  8. Switch to the program manager role using the demo switcher menu item.
  9. Choose a program and product to explore the application


User roles

  • Administrator - Responsible for the administration of the platform, including technical configuration and data management.
  • Program Manager - Responsible for the Program BOM and sending out and reviewing requests
  • Supply Risk Manager - Responsible for filling out the request sent by the program manager 


Module Descriptions

  • ProgramManagement - for managing the Bill of Materials information
  • Dashboard - for creating the dashboard and managing all open requests
  • DemoDataService - enables creation of sample data for demonstration purposes
  • EmployeeManagement -  Offers comprehensive management capabilities for employees, including the option to utilize pre-configured logic for resetting demo employee data (credentials required)
  • TeamcenterImplementation - extends the appstore TCConnector module
  • Teamcenter3DImplementation - utilities to help with rendering 3D models from Teamcenter
  • Viewer3D - Implementation of the 3D viewer providing the flexibility to utilize either real-time data from Teamcenter or a backup 3D file for visualization purposes.


Data Model Description

  • Program - A program contains the different Products and their respective Bill of Materials
  • Product - The parent for the Bill of Materials
  • Material - Each material within the BOM. Hierarchies are set using the child Material association
  • BOM Line Data Generalisation - A generalisation to manage the different data groups connected to the BOM Line
  • Material Data Request - To manage the data request workflow
  • MaterialData - are the details assosciated to each material (Supplier, ItemDetails, MaterialSupplier etc.)


App processes:

  • Objectives - The Program Manager can define the objectives for the Program BOM, this can include target weights and costs. If a change to a BOM Line causes these objectives to be exceeded, a warning will appear.
  • Demo User Switcher - The application has been designed to leverage mock data and user switcher has been provided for ease of demonstration.
  • Request process - A program manager can request data for specific material data information form other employees by accessing the material details page through the list view. Each request has an assigned employee, the material data type and a due date. As soon as the material data request is sent out the assigned user will see it as an open task on his dashboard and can fill in the data. After clicking 'data entry complete' it will be redirected to the program manager to review the entered content. The program manager can either accept (request will be deleted) or deny (request will be routed back to the assignee) it.



  • SAP connection is only mocked for demo purposes 



Version: 2.0.0
Framework Version: 10.6.3
Release Notes: Initial release of the refactored version of Plan For Every Part
Version: 1.4.1
Framework Version: 9.24.2
Release Notes: Updated to Mx9.24.2. Updated SSO. Updated TC certificate.
Version: 1.0.1
Framework Version: 9.6.0
Release Notes: marketplace download