Leave Request

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Do you want to quickly get more control over who’s in and out of this office? This starter app can be used for your company in order to manage the leave requests of your employees. Without any setup your employees can log into the app and start requesting time off. These request will either be sent to the dedicated approver of the employee or in case that person is out of the office as well, they’ll go to an administrator.



This template application is used to enable employees in a company to request and approve time off.



  • Simple steps to create a new leave request (Paid Time Off, Special Leave, Sick Leave, Partner Leave and Parental Leave)
  • Leave requests can be either approved or denied by the assigned approver of the leave request.
  • Dashboard with the current status of the leave requests.
  • Dashboards with the amount of employees that are in or out of the office on the current day/week
  • Ability to create public holidays.
  • Indicate whether the app (company) works with limited or unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO) hours
  • Indicate what days are classified as working days 
  • Indicate how many default PTO hours every employee gets. 

User roles

  • Administrator: manages requests and company policy (work days and default PTO hours)
  • Requester: creates new leave requests
  • Approver: approves the leave requests


  • Mendix SSO
  • Workflow
  • Atlas 3
  • DataGrid 2.0


Version: 1.5.3
Framework Version: 9.23.0
Release Notes: Upgraded to version 9.24.0.
Version: 1.4.3
Framework Version: 9.23.0
Release Notes: Upgraded to version 9.23.0.
Version: 1.3.3
Framework Version: 9.20.0
Release Notes: Upgraded to version 9.20.0.
Version: 1.2.3
Framework Version: 9.19.0
Release Notes: Upgraded to version 9.19.0.
Version: 1.1.3
Framework Version: 9.18.1
Release Notes: Upgraded to version 9.18.1.