GDK Zip Module

Category: Modules
Subcategory: Import/Export


Functionality to create a zip file. Unique for this solution is the option to add files into a folder structure.



Create a zip file containing a folder structure. Add files and append an existing zip file. Later on the functionality will be extended with the possibility to unzip a zip file with a folder structure.

Typical usage scenario

Creating a zip file which contains multiple files with or without a folder structure e.g. when you’re providing a download from a external file system like Azure File Storage, OneDrive or Sharepoint.

Features and limitations


Zip files with a optional folder structure.


There is no unzip option at the moment.


There are no dependencies.


No specific configuration needed.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.3.0
Release Notes: First version with support to create a zipfile for a list of files. It is possible to append the zipfile and to use a folderstructure when adding files.