MindSphere IIoT for Makers

Category: App Services
Subcategory: Industrial IoT


MindSphere IIoT for Makers provides you with an Account to connect Industrial equipment and consume the IoT data in Mendix applications. With MindSphere IIoT for Makers you can: - Easily connect and manage Industrial machinery, - Build or extend a Mendix application with MindSphere IIoT for Makers capabilities, - Use standard IoT applications in MindSphere, - Use a seamless single-sign-on between MindSphere and Mendix accounts, - Simply consume IoT data from MindSphere in your Mendix applications. With the use of MindSphere IIoT for Makers, you have an integrated developer experience to build and integrate personalized Industrial IoT applications with Mendix.


Please see MindSphere IIoT for Makers in the Mendix documentation for details.

Product Sheet: https://siemens.mindsphere.io/content/dam/mindsphere/terms/pdf/MindSphere_MindSphereIIoTforMakers_ProductSheet_SpecificTerms_v1.1.pdf


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 8.18.0
Release Notes: https://documentation.mindsphere.io/resources/html/release-notes/en-US/index.html