Marine Issue Management

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Keep track of issues while on board and dispatch them to TeamCenter.


During a ship build thousands of people and numerous companies are working on sections of the ship at the same time. From welding metal sheets together to decorating cabins for guests. Each part of this journey can result in damages, missing items or other issues. Depending on the size of a build there are numerous site team managers walking through the ship to inspect all components for these issues. Important with these issues is to determine the location and who is responsible for handling an issue. It might be that a subcontractor is responsible for fixing faults on furniture or someone on the yard has to clean up a set of tools.

The Issue Management app supports this process by making it easy for site team managers and external stakeholders to select one's location and register an issue. An important part of registering the issue is to determine who is the responsible party to solve this issue and what the severity is. Depending on this different workflows can be triggered. Due to the integration with Siemens TeamCenter, a simple issue like removing garbage can be assigned directly to the responsible department, while wiring issues or structural damage might need to pass several levels before being assigned to someone, in this case having to go through the TeamCenter issue management workflow.


Version: 1.3.0
Framework Version: 9.12.2
Release Notes: upgrade to mendix 9.12.2
Version: 1.2.0
Framework Version: 9.6.1
Release Notes: Mendix 9.6.1. release, Atlas 3 design framework, Siemens DISW branding and PWA offline