Inclination Test Preparation

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Gather information about the missing, additional and misplaced weights to determine if an inclination test can take place.


Before every sea trial of a new ship, an inclination test is performed, for most ships this is two or three times during a build. This test determines the center of gravity and will provide a classification society with the necessary information to approve or disapprove a sea trial. Usually an inclination test can take up to two weeks of calculating and verifying and a few days on board of the ship to register all weights.

With our app, we remove the paper process and let the participants register the weights directly on a digital map. Leaving out the measuring of distances. After registering the reference coordinates and deviating deck heights on the deck plans it's only a matter of selecting the location in a room and registering the weight of the element. 

Because all the data is digitized we can also calculate the center of gravity in real time meaning that there are no extra weeks needed to calculate these values. An added benefit of calculating the weights real time is that during the inclination test, both the yard and the classification society can monitor the progress. Because if the amount of missing weights exceeds 2% of the light ship weight, the inclination test fails immediately, saving again unnecessary man hours for registering and calculating.

After the test, the application can generate the Excel file that is needed by the classification society to (dis)approve a sea trial.


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