Teams, Time and Project Management

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Forget your spreadsheets and try The Teamer to monitor your project’s burn rate. Plan your resources effectively based on real time working hours. Finally, a smart and simple HRIS: Time tracking, resource scheduling and project budget management. Features: Time and attendance Track employee’s attendance even the ones working remotely. Manage time off requests. Get a breakdown of the working time by project or client. Performance and productivity Optimize your resource’s assignment to maximize productivity. Keep an eye on budget to avoid budget overrun. Identify weaknesses and make improvements. Reporting Managers get HR reports to ease the payroll process. Get insights and identify the most time-consuming project/task to take the right action. Manage scope creep and find the causes of project overruns before getting too far out of hand. Great user experience The Teamer was designed to be used on desktop, tablets, or mobile phones, with the same time management capacities


Live attendance dashboard status

Follow your team’s activity, live! The live status Dashboard enables manager to: Check out, who is working on what, in real time; See who is absent, or just working from home; Send messages to team members; Track your team’s “mood”.

Project Management Dashboard

Keep track of the essential project KPIs: Easily create tasks and projects; Assign available resources to project by role; Estimate the scheduled man-days required; Keep your project’s budget on track to avoid budget overrun; Track billable hours across projects; Monitor each employee’s progress; Export reports and graphs; Send messages to project team members.


Measure working time across various projects: Clock in/out when they start or finish working; Clock time on assigned projects; Review the scheduled planned VS. actual hours; Check notifications and send messages; Track employee’s mood; Check team-mates’ availability.

Timesheet management

Monitor and analyse recorded working hours: Edit the timesheet; Review the amount of assigned working days on each project; Submit; Access timesheet history; Request holidays and track approval status.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: null
Release Notes: Initial Release