Mendix DLM for Fashion and Retail

Category: Solutions
Subcategory: Industry Solutions


Visually interactive solution for emerging and mid-market brands to streamline ideation, design, merchandising, development, and sourcing. Features: Collection Planning Visual collection management with dashboards of targets and design progress. Material Management Visual, easy-to-use, management of your material assets with vendor participation. 3D Native Design Start digital and stay digital by natively integrating your 3D Designs into your development process. Photo Realistic Assets Leverage 3D assets for photo realistic 2D images for commerce.



Dynamic digital mood boards to communicate concepts and ideas to inspire innovation.

Color Management

Leverage the latest color standards; compose and communicate your palettes to your development team and vendors.

Product Management

Manage product visual assets together with product data such as Colorway configurations, Grading, Design intent, Measurements, and SKUs.


Multisource your virtual or physical sample process with tech pack automation and seamless vendor collaboration of your global supply chain.


Multi-experience solution compatible for desktop, tablet and smartphone with offline-capabilities to facilitate engagement, anywhere and at any time.

Cloud Native

Take advantage of all benefits associated with the cloud while always being up-to-date with latest versions and features through automatic updates and upgrades.


Version: 2.0.0
Framework Version: null
Release Notes: N/A
Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: null
Release Notes: Initial Release