Forms Template

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Do you need a survey in a short time? Or do you need to create an onboarding app for your new employee? You can easily customize this app and use it right away. The Forms app provides many Mendix featured widgets. Just a few clicks away, your personalized form is ready to deploy.



This starter app can help you make many different kinds of forms in a short time. 


  • Ready to use wizard steps
  • Easy to customize the different types of questions
  • Anonymous user enabled
  • Support exporting the results to Excel 
  • Clear overview for the administrator


  • Mendix SSO 
  • Workflow
  • Atlas 3
  • DataGrid 2.0


Version: 2.17.0
Framework Version: 10.11.0
Release Notes: Upgraded to 10.11.0
Version: 2.16.0
Framework Version: 10.9.0
Release Notes: Upgraded to 10.9.0
Version: 2.15.0
Framework Version: 10.8.1
Release Notes: Upgraded to 10.8.1 Updated all modules to the latest version
Version: 2.14.0
Framework Version: 10.8.0
Release Notes: Upgraded to 10.8.0
Version: 2.13.0
Framework Version: 10.7.0
Release Notes: Upgraded to 10.7.0