SweetAlert2 - Toast & Notification

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This module contains JavaScript actions and nanoflows to show client-side alerts without needing context! Show success messages, validation errors, and more with this fancy toast and notification library. Ideal for use in Mendix versions that can call microflows from nanoflows (v8.2 or higher). For this base level release, these alerts can have custom titles and messages (including HTML), auto dismissal intervals, 1 of 5 different status, and be placed in 1 of 9 different locations on the screen. The code is 100% accessible and can be modified to your needs. This module will give you the ability to provide a smoother UI/UX set of toasts and notifications.


Demo urlhttps://sweetalert2-sandbox.mxapps.io/

SweetAlert2 Module for Mendix

Getting Started

NOTE: It is recommended that you use a minimum of Mendix 8.2, as you may run into further limitations from not being able to call Microflows from Nanoflows.


  • Download the module and give all users the User role so they can access the content.
  • Give your button(s)/link(s) the ‘Call a Nanoflow’ action, using the JavaScript actions directly or use the nanoflows starting with SUB_
  • If using only the nanoflow, create your decision paths and configure the parameters for the sub-nanoflow
  • If calling microflow from nanoflow, return a status or value that would allow your nanoflow to fire the alerts based on the return of your microflow
  • Feed in your parameters based on your decision path


  • Does not require context (but it would help for customization)
  • Allows custom HTML message content
  • Relies on nanoflows which will help reduce server-side processing normally done with only microflows


  • Is not currently plug-and-play, will require the steps below
  • Real-time alerts are not possible without extra javascripting or use of something like the microflow timer widget.

Additional Required Configuration

  • Locate the ‘vendor’ folder in the following directory: C:\PATH\TO\MENDIX\PROJECT\javascriptsource\sweetalert2
  • Copy the ‘vendor’ folder into the projects theme folder
  • Reference the contents of the ‘vendor’ folder into the index.html file
  • Re-run the application


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 8.2.2
Release Notes: Initial Release