Sanctions IO

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Sanctions & PEP Data API connector using



This connector module provides an interface to the API calls for searching sanctions and PEP data.

The connector provides data source microflows for the: search, pep-search, sources and programs API methods, see link below for full API specifications.

Typical usage scenario

Search sanctions and PEP data as part of KYC and IDV checks when on-boarding new clients.

The data source microflows and constants are provided under the USE_ME folder.  The data source microflows are also exposed as microflow actions under Sanctions IO.

Two microflows are provided for each API method, one returns the associated object with the number of results and a list of associated results and the other just provides the list of associated results for the search.

The source and pep-source microflows use a SearchOn and PEPSearchOn object as parameter input to define the search criteria, see notes on search parameters below.

A sample app is available  ‘Sanctions IO Samples’ that provides example usage of each call.

Search Parameters

The search API method uses short name 2 character ISO country codes. You can use the 'Country enumeration' module on Marketplace if you want to integrate country code lookup.

The search and pep-search API calls support fuzzy searches.  Sample calls are provided on the site

Warning - Using the fuzzy search option with a high fuzziness level can cause large amounts of data to be returned.

Features and limitations

Full details of the API can be found here



  • The backoffice calls are not currently implemented


  • None


Install as a module as part of your application.


Sandbox / Production

By default all methods use the sandbox URL with the sandbox authorization key which are pre-defined as constants. To use the production URL just change the UseSandbox constant to False and change the authentication key in AuthKey to your produciton key.


None reported.





Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.3.0
Release Notes: Initial release - Provides support for search and pep-search along with sources and programs. Back office API calls not implemented.