Siemens Insights Hub Monitor Example

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This application shows the power of Mendix and Insights Hub! Insights Hub Widgets as well as Insights Hub backend services are used to create a fully functional Mendix application. Use Mendix’ Studio Pro to enhance or change this Siemens Insights Hub Monitor Example to fit your needs!

We will enhance this application further with more upcoming Insights Hub Widgets.


The Siemens Insights Hub Monitor Example is a ready-to-use application which can be used with the Siemens Insights Hub IoT platform. It is a user-friendly application to monitor and manage your assets. Configure rules to monitor different critical thresholds, be informed by events / mails if one of your assets reaches a critical threshold and do a deep dive analysis about your asset based on historical time series values.

This application can be used right away to see time series data as well as events and rules of Insights Hub assets. Users of Insights Hub Monitor application will find themselves in a familiar context.

In addition to that, this application can be used as a starting point to further integrate own developments when realizing specific industrial IoT use cases with Insights Hub and Mendix. Additional features of web components also allow easy adaption – so the application and its used components can be adapted to own needs.

The application is built with the Siemens Insights Hub Widgets which uses functionality like Asset View, Map, Aggregate Chart and many more components. This example application should provide a first starting point to use the Siemens Insights Hub Widgets with Mendix.

Please note, you need a Siemens Insights Hub account with a Developer role assigned to your user to register this example within Insights Hub. You do not have a Insights Hub account yet, try out Insights Hub for free.


Please consider the Mendix on Insights Hub documentation for general information and specific the Deployment section for more information on how to integrate Mendix applications in the Insights Hub application lifecycle. The easiest way is to press the Run button within Mendix Studio Pro and follow the registration wizard when you view your application for the first time.

Please note, the following Insights Hub API scopes need to be assigned to your application registration within the Insights Hub Developer Cockpit:














Version: 2.0.1
Framework Version: 9.24.17
Release Notes: Update marketplace module "Siemens Insights Hub SSO" to version 4.0.1 Update marketplace module "Siemens Insights Hub Web Content" to version 4.0.1 Update marketplace module "Siemens Insights Hub Widget" to version 3.2.2
Version: 2.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.3
Release Notes: MindSphere has evolved into Insights Hub, with this release we provide the following updates * Latest version of the Siemens Insights Hub SSO. * Latest version of the Siemens Insights Hub OS Bar connector. * Latest version of the Siemens Insights Hub Web Content, which provide Insights Hub icons now as 'glyphicons' and a quite a lot of new icons * Latest version of the Siemens Insights Hub Widgets (which provide a lot of new features) * We add a splitter component to the asset page, with this you can easily adopt the width of your asset list to your personal demands * Bugfixes
Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 8.18.0
Release Notes: Initial version