Native Application Version

Content Type: Widget
Categories: Mobile


A simple widget to display the readable version of the installed native application (version + builder number like v1.0.0.21) Useful if you want to be able to quickly confirm the package a user has installed



This native widget will display the readable version (version number followed by build number) of the installed native application. This could be useful when you need to quickly ascertain which version of your application is installed on a user’s device

Format of the version will look like: v1.0.0.21

Typical usage scenario

Use this when you want to quickly be able to confirm the installed package version for your Native mobile applications for any given user

Features and limitations


  • Displays readable application package version (application version + build number) as a string
  • Set color of the text in widget to match theme
  • Works in both iOS and Android


  • None known at this time


  • None, other than this is for use in Native profiles only


Simply place the widget on a native page to have the application version displayed on the native page


Set the text color (as a hex value with the leading #)


None known at this time



Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 8.12.5
Release Notes: Initial release: native widget to display readable version with option to set text color