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Our customers in the manufacturing industry showed the same challenges over and over again. Inefficient and paper-based processes and a lack of information (quality) resulting in a significant amount of unplanned downtime and operational inefficiencies while at the same time affecting customer satisfaction and customer retention. These challenges cost the industry billions of dollars every year. Siemens FSM is not only beneficial for the business by providing operational excellence, it significantly benefits field workers too. Let’s be clear: we don’t want to replace technicians with technology. People remain the most important part in an organization, even in manufacturing companies where a lot is done by machines. Instead, we want to make the life of field workers easier by offering the right tools which will increase productivity, improve safety and employee satisfaction across the operation. While developing a solution for the business to reduce unplanned downtime, we kept the technician in our minds when designing it. In the end, they are the ones using it on a daily basis. During the development, we kept talking to different stakeholders in manufacturing organizations. We even co-developed our solution together with our clients. Just to make sure that we are offering the kind of functionality that the industry needs. With some of the smartest minds in the industry, we developed the Siemens FSM suite. We divided the suite into different flexible and scalable templates, so you can pick and choose the functionality you need for your organization. Are you in desperate need to automate your work order execution process? Choose the ‘work order execution’ template! Other templates are automated scheduling, predictive maintenance, remote monitoring and asset management. By using the Mendix platform, our FSM suite integrates easily with every core system, can be used on- and offline and is customizable to your specific needs. Let us guide you in your transformation journey from cost center to profit center.




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Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 9.1.0
Release Notes: Initial Release 1.0.0