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A react slider that can be setup in a dynamic way and supports integers and decimals. Please leave a review and let me know what features you want more.



A dynamic slider that has several features implemented in it. This documentation describes these features and how to setup the slider.

Domain Model


An attribute has to be linked to the slider. This is the attribute were the value will be stored.


A second attribute can be linked to the slider in case you want a range slider. When a second value is linked the slider will automatically become a range slider.


Single Slider

A single slider is supported by the widget and can be used by configuring the attribute field.

Range Slider

A range slider is supported by the widget by configuring the attribute and second attribute field. When the first value is dragged over the second value the first value will become the second value.


Customs steps are supported and can be filled in. This can be an integer as well as a decimal. Please ensure a value greater then 0 is filled in.

Discrete Slider

A continuous slider is supported by the widget by setting the steps to a value greater then 1. If for example a step of 3 is filled in when dragging the slider it will 'click' per 3 steps.

Continuous Slider

A discrete slider is supported by the widget by setting the steps to the value 1. This means the slider will drag in a discrete flow.

Min Value

The min value were the slider can start. Can be an integer or decimal

Max Value

The max value were the slider can end. Can be an integer or decimal

Vertical Slider

The slider can be set to a vertical slider by setting the is vertical slider option to yes.

Show Value Label

The label can be shown on hover (auto), turned off so that its never visible or turned on so that its always visible.

Mendix Functions

Several mendix functions are implemented like.


Determines if the widget can be edited or not.


Determines if the widget is visible or not

Show Label

Determines if the label will be visible or not


An onchange microflow can be linked to the widget which gets kicked off after the widget gets dragged.


Select an attribute to link to the slider. If you want a range slider connect a second attribute to the slider If you want a discrete slider make sure the steps are set to 1. If you want to use a continuous slider please ensure the steps are set to a value other then 1 and greater then 0. Fill in a min and max value.


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 8.6.7
Release Notes: Initial release