Deployment API Utilities & Scheduler

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An extensive set of API tools built around the Mendix Deploy, Backup, Teams and Build APIs. Includes basic setup, the most common actions found in the Mendix Node Management pages, and scheduling of all these actions for any application or environment the linked user & apikey have access to.


Welcome to the Deployment API Utilities & Scheduler module!

This module is intended for managing Mendix deployment API tasks from another Mendix application.

How to use this module

Setup is easy. Install CommunityCommons and Encryption, get an API key and a PAT token (MxToken) from your developer portal ( – and usage should be quite straightforward. When using the module as a full package, add the 'Snippet_Dashboard_Full' to an administrative page, fill in the config and reload the API data. 


  • An application overview
  • Environments, builds and branches per Application
  • Environment logs for recent or specific dates
  • Start/stop functionality, backup functionality and deployment functions per environment
  • Build functionality for branch revisions
  • Combined functionality of the above via Environment Deployments
  • Scheduled processes that allow all aforementioned functionality to be scheduled in advance
  • Process logging which can act as a basic progress console
  • API error call logging to pinpoint issues
  • Snippets and microflows to implement parts in your own application
  • Relatively graceful degradation when the Mendix deployment services are down
  • Infrastructure to fine-tune the implementation to your needs

Known issues

Various modules still use the older (existing) API endpoints. Some functionalities are only available on non-sandbox environments; these limitations are not caught by the module (but errors will be logged/displayed when the API responds with the matching error code)


The basic version of this module is designed to be run with a single configuration/user, and contains screens and flows for all aforementioned features. However, when using this module as part of a CI/CD or DTAP setup, you may want to implement multiple configs and relate data from the module to your own administrative objects. You are encouraged to extend or duplicate this module for your own needs - please leave feedback if you run into any issues or would like additional features from these or different parts of the Mendix API set!


Version: 1.1.1
Framework Version: 9.18.4
Release Notes: Patched visibility issue with deployment set up (version inoput field missing when selecting a commit)
Version: 1.1.0
Framework Version: 9.18.4
Release Notes: IMPORTANT: This version requires an MxToken and you will have to re-fill your API key in order to encrypt it as required from now on. Overhauled a couple of deprecated APIs, introduced the new MxToken for the newer APIs. The older implementations still require the old style API key, so you will have to update your config with both. In addition, the sensitive data is now encrypted using the default encryption module. This behaviour can be replaced with your own encryption by changing the single encrypt/decrypt subflows as required.
Version: 1.0.4
Framework Version: 9.1.1
Release Notes: - Changed all page layouts to use the new Atlas Core module instead of AtlasUI (Thanks Martin Leppen for the heads-up!)
Version: 1.0.3
Framework Version: 9.0.5
Release Notes: Upgraded to Mendix 9.0.5 Minor text bugfix
Version: 1.0.2
Framework Version: 9.0.4
Release Notes: - Fixed Content-Type header errors - Added JSON bodies to requests requiring application/json content