Power BI Embedded

Content Type: Module
Categories: Tracing


Using Power BI Embedded for Mendix gives you the opportunity to view your reports created in Microsoft Power BI in Mendix. This module contains all the Mendix logic needed to use the Power BI Embedded widget. Please contact us at CAPE Groep for more information and licencing possibilities. Contact information: Bart Knol (+31 6 53 31 45 23, b.knol@capegroep.nl) Mart Busger op Vollenbroek (+31 6 14 42 83 25, m.busger@capegroep.nl) https://www.capegroep.nl/over-cape/contact/




This module provides you with a domain model and instructions on how to use the Power BI Embedded widget from CAPE Groep (seperate licence agreement needed).

Typical usage scenario 

Use can use this module to quickstart your development with the Power BI Embedded widget.

Features and limitations 


  • Possibility to embed Power BI reports in your Mendix application
  • Filter your reports based on information from your Mendix application
  • Create user-specific reports based on a template report from Power BI


  • Dashboards, Tiles and Q&A are currently not supported to be embedded.


  • None



Download the module from the Marketplace.

After downloading the module and receiving the widget, place the widget on a page.





Version: 3.1.1
Framework Version: 10.6.0
Release Notes: 1. Support Mendix 10 2. Add Mobile Layout capabilities
Version: 3.0.0
Framework Version: 9.24.12
Release Notes: 1. Bug fixes 2. Performance improvements 3. Better module structure
Version: 2.3.0
Framework Version: 9.12.0
Release Notes: Update license
Version: 2.2.0
Framework Version: 9.12.0
Release Notes: Added licencing
Version: 2.1.1
Framework Version: 9.12.0
Release Notes: - Report view non persistent - Added option to configure default page ID when opening report - Added option to enable/disable page navigation visibility in reports