Polarion Connector

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Start Designing Amazing Customized UI designs​ for Polarion. Create your own customized UI for Polarion with Mendix. Integrate data and content from Polarion into your own Mendix Apps, tailor the App to your specific use case to streamline processes, and make them an integral part of your software lifecycle management solution. A named user in Mendix App using/reading/consuming data from and authoring data in a Siemens DI SW application (Ex: Polarion ALM) will need at a minimum a corresponding named user consumer license or author license of the Siemens DI SW application (Ex: Polarion ALM).


See documentation at:  Polarion Connector Technical Documentation


Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 8.5.0
Release Notes: Initial version of the Mendix Polarion Connector