Content Type: Widget
Categories: Utility


Display time left until configured action will be triggered. This widget can be used to execute an action after set time has been reached.



A Mendix plugable widget that displays time in format mm:ss left until configured action will be triggered.

Typical usage scenario

It's useful in applications that need to execute an action once after specified period of time or when configured time has been reached e.g:

  • Remove user session after long period of inactivity
  • Save user form and close page


Place the widget inside your app and provide the following settings:

  • Time attribute: DateTime attribute holding time when specified action should be triggered.
  • Action: An action which will be triggered only once after time defined in Time attribute has been reached.

Note! If value of DateTime attribute is in the past, the action will be triggered immediately after page is loaded.

Configured action will be triggered only once.


Version: 1.0.1
Framework Version: 8.3.1
Release Notes: ### Improvements Dependencies and structure updated to @mendix/pluggable-widgets-tools v8.9.2 ### Fixes Timer.ccs.map error fixed
Version: 1.0.0
Framework Version: 8.3.1
Release Notes: Mendix plugable widget initial release