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This module can be used as a connector for the payment gateway - RazorPay



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Typical usage scenario

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Dependencies [optional]

  • Mendix modeler version 8.2.2

Installation [optional]

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Configuration [optional]

  1. Download the connector as a module in your project.
  2. Register in Razorpay website and download the API keys, store them in the path /resources directory
  3. In the microflow CMI_RZP_Microflow_Authentication, change your company details in the activity ‘Create Object RazorPayConnector.CMI_RZP_Company’ to add your company name.
  4. Call the nanoflow CMI_RZP_Nanoflow_MakePayment from your page through a button, or from another nanoflow. This nanoflow needs the entities RazorPayConnector.CMI_RZP_Customer and RazorPayConnector.CMI_RZP_Order to be filled and sent as parameters.
  5. The nanoflow creates an RazorPayConnector.CMI_RZP_Order entity and also the RazorPayConnector.CMI_RZP_Payment entity and stores them.
  6. These entities can be used in your application for further processing.

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Version: 1.0.1
Framework Version: 8.2.2
Release Notes: Public to everyone