Tasks & Planning

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Improve your team's efficiency by customizing this app to share and track the workload across the entire team or organization. Add tasks, create to-do lists, and track task lifecycle all in one space.



Want to improve the efficiency of your team? Use and customise the Tasks app to share and track the workload across your team.

Typical usage scenario

The Tasks App Template can be quickly customised the track any tasks across your organisation and teams.


Version: 10.18.0
Framework Version: 10.11.0
Release Notes: Upgraded to 10.11.0
Version: 10.17.0
Framework Version: 10.9.0
Release Notes: Upgraded to 10.9.0
Version: 10.16.0
Framework Version: 10.8.1
Release Notes: Upgraded to 10.8.1 Updated all modules to the latest version
Version: 10.15.0
Framework Version: 10.8.0
Release Notes: Upgraded to 10.8.0
Version: 10.14.0
Framework Version: 10.7.0
Release Notes: Upgraded to 10.7.0