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Easily add calendar functionality to your apps. Features include different views (day, week, workweek, year, agenda), drag ‘n drop support, editing capabilities, and different date formats.


Please see Calendar in the Mendix documentation for details.


Version: 1.0.14
Framework Version: 7.14.1
Release Notes: ### Changed - Update moment.js to version 2.29.4
Version: 1.0.13
Framework Version: 7.14.1
Release Notes: ### Removed - We removed the option 'Show truncated events' ### Changed - We changed the behavior when clicking '+ more' to redirect to day view.
Version: 1.0.12
Framework Version: 7.14.1
Release Notes: ## Bug fixes - We prevented events being moved between different calendar widgets to erroneously appear as new events (Fixes ticket #121629). This issue was unexpected and the calendar still do not allow to move events between calendars as it was not designed for it.
Version: 1.0.11
Framework Version: 7.14.1
Release Notes: ## Fixes - Remove the ability to configure attribute over association attributes for "View start attribute" and "View end attribute", because this feature was never implemented. - Subscribe properly to the configured "Start date attribute" 1-deep association attribute value changes including context object reference changes. - Improve error handling for "Start date attribute" data fetching. - Show an error message when the attribute over association for "Start date attribute" is more than one level deep. - Moving and resizing events within the same day now works properly. - Moving events between months in the same day ranges now works properly.
Version: 1.0.10
Framework Version: 7.14.1
Release Notes: ## Fixes - The `Start date attribute` widget property inside the `View` tab works now with attributes over association.