Asset Management

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Subcategory: Starter Apps


The starting point for keeping track of your world from the office supplies to your warehouse stock.


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This app template quickly enables you to build an asset management app to allow you to track a wide range of things.

Typical usage scenario

This app template has a wide variety of use cases from an HR to Warehouse tracker, quick customisation means that it can meet your exact requirements.

Dependencies [optional]

  • Mendix Studio Pro v 9.2.0


Version: 9.6.15
Framework Version: 9.13.1
Release Notes: Upgraded to version 9.13.1.
Version: 9.6.14
Framework Version: 9.13.0
Release Notes: Upgraded to version 9.13.0.
Version: 9.6.13
Framework Version: 9.12.1
Release Notes: Upgraded to version 9.12.1.
Version: 9.6.12
Framework Version: 9.12.0
Release Notes: -Upgraded to version 9.12.0. -Upgraded MendixSSO and Administration modules.
Version: 9.6.11
Framework Version: 9.11.1
Release Notes: -Upgraded to version 9.11.1. -Upgraded MendixSSO and Administration modules.