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The CM Demo application allows you to test the SMS module and Number Verifier module of CM. The demo has both modules fully integrated in a fully functional app so you can actually test every functionality to see how it works. The CM SMS module integration enables you to send and receive text messages. You can also see all your incoming and outgoing text messages in the SMS history. The CM Number Verifier module allows you to validate phone number formats and lookup the status of mobile phone numbers. Features • Send and receive SMS from Mendix • Check SMS history and delivery status • Validate phone number format • Lookup mobile phone status Why choose CM? CM is an international company that specializes in processing millions of messages and transactions through a highly secured communication platform. Learn more about CM here. • Reliability & support: 24/7 monitoring from our headquarters in The Netherlands • Global reach: SMS coverage to 5 billion mobile phones • Fast delivery: Direct connections to 150 mobile operators



Use this CM Demo application to test the CM SMS module and the CM Number Verifier module. After installing the application you will have a fully functional web app that you can use as an example for your own Mendix projects.

Typical usage scenario

SMS is used by all company sizes, in all industries all over the world. SMS is fast, personal, secure, and has the highest and fastest open-rate of any communication channel available at the moment.

Use SMS for example to send:

  • one-time-passwords for secure login to employees, suppliers, and customers
  • order delivery status updates to customers
  • mobile customer questionnaires for measuring your service quality
  • (critical) announcements, updates, or alerts to employees
  • special offers to customers and prospects
  • appointment reminders to patients

Number verification helps to keep your database clean, reduce human errors, improve the communication between you and your audience and reduce fraud risks.

Typical usage of Number Verification:

  • Use Number validation to validate the user input for mobile or fixed numbers in web forms
  • Use Number validation to categorize numbers in your database as mobile or fixed
  • Use Number lookup to clean up your database and remove invalid or unavailable numbers
  • Use Number lookup to prevent ATM card cloning fraud by checking the current location of a mobile number



Detailed feature overview

  • SMS
    • Send SMS from Mendix
      • Automatic encoding detection
      • Unicode support
      • Multipart support
    • Receive SMS in Mendix
    • Show SMS history
      • Show SMS delivery status
      • Link outbound and inbound SMS as conversations
  • Number verifier
    • Validate phone number format
      • Check if a number is mobile, fixed, VOIP, and more
      • Check if a number has a valid format
    • Lookup mobile phone network
      • Check if a mobile number is active or not
      • Check if a mobile phone is roaming or not
      • Check the time zone of the (roaming) country
  • Configuration
    • CM product token setup (constant)
    • SMS status webhook setup
    • SMS inbound webhook setup
    • SMS default sender setup
  • Extensive in-app documentation



Mendix modeler 8.17.0 and above


Installation and Configuration


Install the CM Demo application by downloading it from the App Store in your Mendix modeler. The underlying CM BulkSMS and CM NumberVerifier modules will automatically be installed.

Run the demo app in the Mendix cloud, the webhooks for status reports and inbound SMS will automatically be created and visible in the configuration screen.

Configure your webhooks with the POSTmethod for SMS statusreports and Inbound SMS

The demo app guides you through the process of configuring settings and testing SMS and Number verifier. The app comes with extensive documentation and tips in the app front-end.

In case you don’t have a CM account yet, get one at and get 10 test credits for free to send SMS.




CM offers prepaid and postpaid packages at

SMS prices differ per country and can be found at, which start for example with EUR 0.068 for Netherlands, GBP 0.0286 for UK, USD 0.0044 for USA.


Creating a CM demo account is free including 10 test credits for sending SMS. To upgrade your CM account to a fully featured prepaid account follow the instructions in the app and get 100 extra credits for free. You can also upgrade your account at or apply for a postpaid account.




Version: 2.0.0
Framework Version: 8.17.0
Release Notes: Mx8 upgrade
Version: 1.1.0
Framework Version: 7.13.1
Release Notes: Upgradde Mendix 7.13.1
Version: 1.0.5
Framework Version: 7.6.0
Release Notes: SMS connector updated