IMAP/POP3 incoming email

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Subcategory: Messaging


This module enables your project to retrieve emails from POP3/POP3S/IMAP/IMAPS servers.


Demo url

Please see IMAP/POP3 Incoming Email in the Mendix documentation for details.


Version: 6.2.2
Framework Version: 9.1.1
Release Notes: - We fixed an issue where the SubscribeForEmailNotification Java action was not working in scheduled events and after startup microflows. Refer IVK_SubscribeForEmailNotification_AfterStartup under USE_ME folder for more information.
Version: 6.2.1
Framework Version: 9.1.1
Release Notes: - We fixed an issue where an email address was skipped from the From attribute. - We fixed an Expunge not supported error that appeared for the POP3 protocol. - We added an option to sanitize emails to prevent XSS attacks.
Version: 6.2.0
Framework Version: 9.1.1
Release Notes: 1. Added SubscribeToIncomingEmail java action to subscribe to incoming email. 2. Added UnsubscribeFromIncomingEmail java action to un-subscribe from incoming email. 3. Following toolbar actions are added: 1. Check server connection 2. Get folder names 3. Retrieve email messages 4. Subscribe to incoming email 5. Unsubscribe from incoming email
Version: 6.1.0
Framework Version: 9.1.1
Release Notes: Removed dependency on Encryption module Supports Latest and Oldest fetch strategy on account setup page Studio Pro version upgraded to 9.1.1 Minor UI changes Notes for upgrade: Copy existing EncryptionKey constant from encryption module to EncryptionKey constant in this module
Version: 6.0.0
Framework Version: 9.0.5
Release Notes: This version targets the upgrade for Studio Pro 9.0.5 and Atlas 3