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Data Hub

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Mendix Data Hub helps you to quickly integrate data from applications across your organization into Mendix projects. Register data assets to a central catalog, where other developers within your organization can discover, easily (re)-use, and update that data. Use Mendix Data Hub to ensure that the data used in your organization is consistent and reliable. Giving you and your fellow developers more time & focus to solve real customer problems, and create high value applications that make an impact. All Mendix customers have access to the Data Hub Free edition. With the Data Hub Free edition, an app can retrieve or edit a 1000 objects per day for each runtime instance when deployed. When that limit is exceeded, you’ll get an error when your applications tries to retrieve more data. The number of consumed objects per day is reset at midnight in the timezone of the Mendix Runtime scheduler. With Data Hub Premium, apps are not limited.

Mendix Basic

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Unlock the essentials of app development with Mendix Basic. Get more resources and control in a cost-efficient package.

Mendix Basic is a brand new pricing package. Get premium features at a lower entry point, starting at $12 per user, per month.

Build, test, and deploy best-in-class apps to different environments in Mendix Cloud. With continuous availability, never worry about sleep mode again.

Stuck? Mendix support is available to answer your questions.

Model Creator For SAP Integrations

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The Model Creator for SAP Integrations generates a domain model representing an OData or BAPI service provided by SAP. Import this generated module into your Mendix app and use it in combination with the OData Connector for SAP solutions or BAPI Connector for SAP solutions to integrate with your SAP systems. For instructions on how to create models and use the connectors, see Use the Model Creator for SAP Integrations